Aluminum look, board, with cartoons, related to the chapters in the book the frame; aware in progress. The pictures show immediately what the message is. This in a casual, clear and humorous way.

I regularly use pictures regularly during my consultations because they cover universal themes. It supports certain issues and it makes difficult issues clear in a smooth way.

Highly recommended. But also suitable for decoration or as a gift.

Material: Dibont Alu 3mm size: 594 x 841 mm

Price: 49, - euro excluding VAT and shipping costs
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Rubber wristband in different colours with the text: 'het frame; gewaar in wording'. The different colours (brown, gray, blue, yellow) refer to the different domains of het-frame. Works well as a reminder inwhich way you are reminded of the domain from which you operate.

Furthermore, it is a playful, fun, sporty piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift.

Price: 1 euro each excluding VAT and shipping costs
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This bookmark is of course good to use when reading any random work marking where you left off.

This bookmark also reminds you of the choice made by you to want to work on yourself.

It is made of thin paper and the backside leaves open space for your own notes.

Price: free (shipping costs only)
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Coffee mug

A coffee mug with Dr. Frame on the front and on the back the logo in orange with in black 'Het frame'.

Price: 9, - euro each excluding VAT and shipping costs.
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