The costs depend on the programme you follow. Feel free to send us an email so we can inform you about the possibilities.

TIP: keep your frame invoice in good shape. Het-frameĀ® focuses on people and performance. The performance you provide is often related to the work you do. As a result, the frame activities are costs you incur for your work/business. This allows for certain tax benefits. Contact your own accountant / tax specialist.

FOR EVERYONE: we try to make the frame-activities accessible to everyone. Also for those who have less financial opportunities. The Frame-Support has been created for this purpose. This means that 10% of all frame-yields are spent on financial support when someone does not have the means to participate in frame activities (ask for the conditions via the contact form).


We are doing our best to meet your expectations and deliver what we promise. If you are nevertheless not satisfied with the services and / or items that have been delivered, then this is in the first place disappointing. We are however alwayswilling to solve this with you. Step one is that you share it with us so that we can search together for a solution. If this does not work, there is the possibility to contact the Klachtenloket Zorg. If the dispute persists you can contact Disputes Committee in The Hague, to which we are affiliated (see also general conditions).