I have been able to experience that everything that is about our human (dis) functioning and influencing it can very often be reduced to universal laws. I have incorporated these universal laws into the frame model. Now, there are two important pillars in ther frame-project for me to further elaborate the frame.

1) Frame-Connection
The coherence that I have experienced and shaped in the frame model over the years, to explain this step by step with various examples. This I will do in my blogs under the heading of: Frame-Hand in Hand.

2) Frame-Training
Because the frame model is also a practical tool, I want to offer the man of today with a request for help in the area of his / her (dis) functioning this very helpful model in the form of: Frame-Training. You can read more about this below.  

Who is het-frame® for?

For those who meet two points of the following:

1) Anyone who experiences a problem and recognizes himself in one of the following:

- Or: chronic physical complaints (for example back pain, neck pain, headaches, abdominal pain, joint pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, poor bowel movements, hyperventilation, lethargy, fatigue, tense muscles, poor sleep etc.).
- Or: certain behavior is not learned (think for example of smoking or certain recurring behavioral patterns that are bothering you).
- Or: is not comfortable in his skin (think for example gloom, being anxious, feeling tense, not being able to enjoy, etc.).
- Or: having many thoughts (think of worrying, negative thoughts etc.).
- Or: failing to meet your own needs (think of: always being ready for others, deciphering yourself, always working hard and being busy, having trouble making time for yourself, having trouble saying 'no', going beyond your own boundaries. ).
- Or: has difficulty with relationships (think of long-term relationships is love / family / children / parents, long-term relationships with colleagues, short contacts on the street and meetings, social media, etc.).
- Or: wrestling with the meaning of life (think of the feeling of 'is this everything? or the question 'what is the essence of my life?', stumbling into his faith, etc.).


2) Anyone who also wants to solve his problem once and for all (not by means of tricks that usually only have temporary effect).

Are you still in doubt whether het-frame® is something for you? Take the test. You can also contact us to take a look at what you need and whether het-frame can support this.

What does het-frame® offer?

Het-frame® offers a fantastic overview of everything in the area of ​​our human functioning and how to influence this in a constuctive way.
A concrete application has been added to this overview, like a all-in-one-tool, so that it can be used immediately for daily use.
All this is offered at our own traininglocation called Heesland. Our unique approach at this unique location also ensures intensive follow-up and continuity.

A lot of practice, little theory.

Concrete themes that come up are:

- Physical exercises such as stretching / massage / gymnastics etc.
- Awareness of our body
- Behavioral approaches
- Emotional approaches as we know in emotional body work / RET / past reality integration / regression / rebirthing / journeytherapy / bio-energetic therapy / orshofmethodiek/ writingtherapy/ singing, dancing and music.
- Cognitive approaches
- Systemic approaches including family setups, system setups etc.
- Mindfulness
- Mirroring with horses
- Compassion exercises
- Meditation
- Philosophy, religion and science.

All this in an integrated way ensures that you can take control. This is one of the unique aspects of het-frame®.

"Het-frame® " stands for thoroughness, authenticity, based on personal experience and focuses on everyone's individual needs.

To learn this, there are various activities in which het-frame is used. For more information, see "support" on the website. Also follow our facebook and youtube-pages for up-to-date information.

What can you expect from 'framen'?

Depending on the theme you choose, the effects will become visible. In general, it can be said that working with the frame always has the following effects:

1) It gives you a clear overview of the many methods that are concerned to influence our human functioning. This provides structure for yourself, allowing you to make independent choices.

2) It gives you concrete tools with which you can get started right away. So practically, no difficult self study or reading a lot of literature is necessary either.

3) Because het-frame® is a completely integrated approach, you use many different methods at the same time. This creates a powerful effect.

4) Het-frame® is in line with real life, also when having to deliver top performances at top level.

5) It’s pre-eminently the method that understands that there are many ways to skin a cat, it also knows that there is just one cat, in this case a happy you.

Why choose het-frame®?

In order to find the right person / institution that you entrusted your life process to, you have to make a number of things clear for yourself. Ask yourself the following questions:
-who gives the training? (what training did the trainer follow himself, what was the level of training, the duration of the training, work experience, what does the trainer do in his / her daily life, does the trainer show what he/she teaches others? )
-what is being trained? (are only skills and tricks being taught or do you work thoroughly on yourself, are dogmas being taught or are you guided in your own way, does someone just teach their own experiences and discoveries or is there more?).
-where is being trained? (where do the training sessions take place, is there sustainable follow-up for you?).
-why is the training? (does the institute / trainer especially want to be known and profitable or does the institution / trainer primarily focus on your personal development?)
-how is there training? (individual or also in groups, one-sided exercises / rituals or versatile exercises with room for individuality, according to a strict doctrine or aimed at personal needs?).

The following applies to myself and het-frame®:

As a result of my background as a physiotherapist and general practitioner (13 years of full-time study, including 4 years of higher vocational education and 9 years at university level), I have developed an enormously broad perspective regarding our human (dis)functioning. In addition, I have followed the necessary training in the areas of: emotional bodywork, family-constellations, meditation, mindfulness, rebirthing, sweat lodge ritual, WHM (method of Wim Hof the Ice-man), equitherapy (horse therapy), yoga, Orshof methodology, Buddhism (especially from the mahamudra tradition), fire-walk/walking on fire and writing-therapy. I am the writer of the book "Het frame; awareness in the making " and creator of het-frame®. I am married and together with my wife Meta we have three children. We live on a converted farm from 1874 and for us life and work is one. Every day I meet many people and guide them in finding their own path of life.
A whole range of exercises and approaches are covered within het-frame®. We do not like dogmas and simply learning tricks and skills. For me it is all about finding your own manner in a learning-friendly way. Het-frame® offers the right solution for your situation at every level for every phase of life. In other words: het-frame® is life-proof. Furthermore, het-frame® has an open system. Namely, once you are at some point familiar with het-frame® and our way of working, you can board at any time of the day. This offers 100% flexibility and a custom-made programme.
Het-frame® takes place at Heesland, our own living / workplace where we would like to welcome you. This gives you the chance to see how het-frame® works in daily life. It is also a place where contact can be made with the nature around us. This facility makes contact with our own true nature easily.
Het-frame® stands for the welfare of the individual in particular and the welfare of our society in general.
  • To realize this, we are working hard on a viable environment called 'Heesland'. A place where people can stay pleasantly and where people can (re)discover themselves and be themselves.
  • We also develop assistance tools in which way people are supported in their own environment to continue to follow their own chosen path (think of: books, apps, youtube etc.).
  • In addition, we have created 'Frame-Support'. This means that we spend 10% of the frame-proceeds on financial support for people who cannot afford frame-activities themselves.
  • There is also the 'Frame Group'. These have been framers before or are still framers who work esspecifically on quality, accessibility and distribution of het-frame®.


The costs depend on the programme you follow. Feel free to send us an email so we can inform you about the possibilities.

TIP: keep your frame invoice in good shape. Het-frame® focuses on people and performance. The performance you provide is often related to the work you do. As a result, the frame activities are costs you incur for your work/business. This allows for certain tax benefits. Contact your own accountant / tax specialist.

FOR EVERYONE: we try to make the frame-activities accessible to everyone. Also for those who have less financial opportunities. The Frame-Support has been created for this purpose. This means that 10% of all frame-yields are spent on financial support when someone does not have the means to participate in frame activities (ask for the conditions via the contact form).


We are doing our best to meet your expectations and deliver what we promise. If you are nevertheless not satisfied with the services and / or items that have been delivered, then this is in the first place disappointing. We are however alwayswilling to solve this with you. Step one is that you share it with us so that we can search together for a solution. If this does not work, there is the possibility to contact the Klachtenloket Zorg. If the dispute persists you can contact Disputes Committee in The Hague, to which we are affiliated (see also general conditions).