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Guus Verheijen

Exposure to cold

Think of the many cultures in which this is still part of their human existence. Swimming or dipping in ice cold water/ cool cell exposure. A habit followed by many olympic athletes and other courses or trainingcentre.

Many of those make you believe it’s needed to stay healthy. Others want you to believe its a miracle that we can stay warm within ourselves while doing this. However, all seem to have forgotten that this is our natural ability. And it is possible for all of us to stay in contact with this wonderfull skill. Within the Frame concept we learn to understand how our body works and how to read it. How to understand different processes and stay in contact with them.

Experiencing the cold is one of these amazing powerfull and natural processes in which we can learn a lot about ourselves. Therefor I want to invited you to learn more about how nature works and join me on one of the wonderfull experiences. In my book I write about a similar natural mechanism that appears under the influence of severe cold. It resembles what we now call diabetes mellitus. Something of which we think has possibly helped certain animal spieces to survive the ice age.

Het-frame® and exposure to cold.
The reason why the frame has an exposure to cold training has everything to do with understanding yourself. But not only that, the frame resembles also a key to happiness and the ability to enjoy. “Playing” outdoors is proven to be a great way in which we can easily meet ourselves. Being cheerfull and meanwhile reflecting on our own human excistence. While doing this your instant and most primative reactions are the most interesting for personal growth. We use the exposure to cold just as a tool,

Nothing more and nothing less.

We are not focused on the actual performance. We have learned and experienced in the past that being in a freezing cold envoirment helps you to much easier find the warmth within yourself. Meeting this enormous warmth of your inner body will help you a lot in re-discovering other skills. Its the ultamit base for relaxation and eventually becomming who you already are.....a warm person. Your true nature.

For more information we kindly ask you to fill out the contact form. We are pleased to help and invite you for one of this wonderfull experience named the Frame meets ice.

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