Elise van de Akker

Entrepreneur (49)
I started the Frame-multi-day-course because I suffered persistent pain complaints and I was curious about what a course in personal development could mean for ...
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Arnold Vanderlyde

Olympic boxer, writer and coach (55)
With great interest and pleasure I read Awareness in the making - the frame.

In this way I would like to warmly congratulate you on the result. What ...
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José van Elk

Payment/allowance expert (50)
I suffered from different issues:
• physical complaints (fatigue, muscle complaints, stomach complaints),
• anxiety and panic attacks, especially...
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Marco de Bruijn

Family Docter (41)
I know Guus well shortly after studying medicine in Maastricht. Guus became a good friend of mine during our training as a general practitioner. I know him as s...
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Thijs Pauwels

Sports instructor, personal trainer and sports masseur (32)
I was in a negative spiral. I suffered from a lot of worrying and feelings of unrest. Felt alone and did not come out of this negativity.

What I lear...
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Prof. Dr. T. Voorn

What a surprise! You sent me something but I had no clue about the content. I went through your manuscript with increasing amazement. It takes a lot of courage ...
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Mark van de Akker

Entrepreneur (54)
I had a consult with Guus Verheijen, together with my wife because of her health problems. That was the first time I came into contact with het-frame®. Gradual...
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Dr. N. Beurskens

Family Docter and teacher at the University of Maastircht (38)
At the invitation of Guus I was able to participate in one of his Frame weekends. Guus knows apparently and in a seemingly effortless way how to use a very wide...
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Herman van Veen

International artist (72)
"This morning I read 'Awareness in the making' / The frame / limited edition. Hopefully it will not remain limited. My response:

Somewhere in this bo...
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Fanny de Groot-van den Bergh

Manager (37)
The themes I struggled with were:

• Being focused on other people, busy with other people,
• To get trust and security mainly from other pe...
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